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Affordable Housing Gurgaon

Affordable housing Gurgaon, It is the housing for a section of society whose income is considered to be below the median income. In spite of the fact that distinctive nations have diverse definitions for moderate lodging, however, it is to a great extent the same, i.e. moderate lodging should address the lodging needs of the lower or center wage family units.

Moderate lodging turns into a key issue particularly in creating countries where a greater part of the populace can’t purchase houses at the market cost.

Policy Approved by Haryana Cabinet:

The Haryana bureau has affirmed a complete reasonable lodging strategy – ‘Housing for All-2018’ for center zones of districts in the state. To actualize the approach, the specialist under the Haryana Development and Regulations of Urban region Act, 1975, would be appointed by the Town and Country Planning Department, to the Urban Local Bodies Department, an official discharge said.

As per the policy adopted for core areas, projects will be permitted in these areas of a municipality with an area ranging from one acre to four acres, the floor area ratio of 250, 275 for 2.5 to 5 acres.

Are Those flats are Ready to Move ?

Yes in Some Projects Builders Provide possession.

What is HSVP?

HSVP is haryana shahari vikas pradhikaran which is previously known as HUDA.

How many projects are open for booking in March 2019?

IN March 9 projects are available for booking in which 4 projects are in soft launch.Check current booking open projects here

What is the Price per square feet in Haryana Affordable HOusing Policy?

4000 per square feet for hyper potential zone
3000 per square feet for High potential zone
2500 per square feet for medium and 2100
per square feet for Low Potential zone

What is the Time frame for posession in affordable Housing Apartments

The time frame for posession of apartments is 4 years from OC(Occupation certificate). If Builder or any broker says it will starts from your application date then this is false information.

Does Builder can charge For Application From?

Yes for application from Builder can charge 1000 INR for Booking.
if he is giving you for free then its your benefit. Depending upon builders marketing startigy

Does Builder can appoint a broker or realestates firm for booking of flats or application form?

No According to AHP Builder cannot appoint or give favor for any bookings.but in Gurgaon builder are doing this according to Huda officials.

What is Parking status in Affordable housing projects in Gurgaon

Minimum 2 wheeller parking space is Available in Affordable housing Projects for each flat.
IF broker or builder says open parking space is avaialble for everyone
then it might be true. but remember there is no documented version in Haryana Affordable Housing Policy.

Whatif i surrender my booked unit

IF you surrender your unit berfore alloment of unit builder can not charge a single penny. and after allotment of unit builder will charge 25000 INR and will refund the entire amount in a period of 6 month. in case of confirm booking secenrio will be different

What is Affordable housing Fund ?

It’s a National Affordable housing fund AHF which will be created under the national housing bank and will be used to create 1 crore homes under PMAY -Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana.ITs main working is to ensure and prioritize India’s housing development plan in short and rapid phases. – Arun jately(Union Minister India)

is Delhi Government Launching any Low income housing scheme?

Yes government of delhi has launched many affordable housing in delhi under DDA and Metro view apartments and many more

what is the effect of GST on Affordable housing ?

GST has shown a positive effect on GST . when GST connected with RERA it completly changes creteria of policy.

what is Government Prices for Dwelling Units (DUs)?

In Affordable Housing partnership Government ask builders to provide EWS Flats at a price of 75000 with a maximum area of 450 sqft with a minimum 250 flats per project in india.

How Much Finance can you get on a Apartment ?

you can get a loan up to 85% of flat value depending on your CIBIL or Credit score from nationalize bank. if you are living in Delhi, Gurgaon,Faridabad, Mumbai, Rajasthan your loan disbursal depends upon builder bank relationship and document completion.

Amount of Time required to book 1 day.

How to book a Affordable Home?

  1. Know your Requirement?

    First decide what type of flat you need depending upon your budget,location,requirement.

  2. Decide Builder for booking?

    do market research about builders background like the previous delivery time, quality, customer satisfaction check in Hrera

  3. Contact with Builders or Broker?

    Contact with the builder or a broker with official websites and ask them for application form they will charge you 1000 INR as application form fees which are is authorized by the government of Haryana and fill up the form and don’t forget to take receiving receipt.

Remembering that a set number of undertakings will be permitted under this arrangement and the deal is to be affected at a predetermined rate, the permit expenses and interior advancement charges will be waived off.

Benefits of Affordable Housing:

  • There are one-time job creation and spending by households
  • A positive fiscal impact on both state as well as central government
  • There is a reduction in foreclosure risk and associated cost
  • Growth in the buying power of residents
  • Expansion of the development opportunities
  • Reduction in the red-tapism
  • Generation of capital in the market
  • It preserves as well as recycles the resources

The Affordable Housing scheme, HUDA:

With a specific end goal to guarantee ideal usage of rare urban land, and for making more prominent lodging stock, HUDA since 1983, has presented the idea of Affordable Housing in its major Urban Estates.

Through expanded FAR and multi-storied development, while on one hand, moderate houses turn into a reality, then again a feeling of network living is taught. So far HUDA has distributed around 800 sections of land to enlisted Co-agent Affordable Housing Societies, Welfare Housing Organizations, and Govt. Offices for their rental housing.

The charging of ownership interest for the instance of Affordable Housing Scheme drifted by HUDA land designated to different social orders under the Affordable Housing Scheme has been engaging consideration of the Authority now and again.

It has been watched that at times the ownership has been given to Affordable Housing Scheme after the advancement of the part though at times the ownership has been offered after fulfillment of water supply and un-metaled approach road.

Particularly in the last Affordable Housing Scheme, A provision had been furnished that ownership could be offered with the fruition of water supply and un-metalled approach streets.


The aim of the affordable housing policy is to provide residential apartments at the lowest price with all essential amenities and specifications.


  1. Flats to be sold on carpet area basis i.e. wall to wall.
  2. project completion in 4 years, no renewal.
  3. projects only in the residential zone of notified development plans.
  4. area of a project- a minimum of 4 acres/max 10 acres.
  5. commercial component 4% of the project area.
  6. minimum / maximum size of flats – 28 to 60 sq meters (301 to 645 sq ft approx).
  7. balcony 100 sq feet, an additional cost of Rs 500/- per sq ft.
  8. provision of a community hall and a creche cum Anganwadi of 2000 sq feet each.
  9. no maintenance charges for 5 years after possession.
  10. for allotment preference to those who have Regd themselves in pmay and do not own flat/plot in Huda colonies / NCR Delhi /  Chandigarh
  11. 5% of the total flats constitute management quota.
  12. free reserved two-wheeler parking
  • A reduced least land requirement for a gathering lodging venture from 10 sections of land to 5 sections of land. Effect: a reduced budgetary weight for the buy of land.
  • The increment in Floor Area Ration (FAR) from 1.75 to 2.25 sections of land. Engineers would, accordingly, have the capacity to assemble 98,010 sq ft as against 76,230sq ft prior. Effect: More condos per section of land.
  • Increase in the density from 450 PPA to 900 PPA. As a result, there is more apartment per acre of land.
  • To reduce the elements of cross-subsidy, there has been an absence of EWS in a society
  • Also, there are basic amenities that were being provided earlier to the citizen there
  • Due to the reduction of space, the area of parking has been severely hit, acting as a problem for the residents of affordable housing.

upcoming affordable housing Gurgaon Scheme

File/Case ID License No Purpose Area (Acre) Valid/Renewal Upto Sector Covered Developer Name
LC-2980A 1 OF 2017 AHP 8.17 01-01-2022 91, 92 Mahendra Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3282A 4 OF 2017 AHP 9.7 01-02-2022 37D Signature Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3246A 6 OF 2017 AHP 6.31 07-02-2022 92 GLS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3037A 7 OF 2017 AHP 5.0375 19-02-2022 70 INFINITIVE ANALYTICS PVT
LC-2824B 63 OF 2017 AHP 2.53125 02-08-2022 95A FOREVER BUILDTECH PVT. LTD.
LC-3048B 96 OF 2017 AHP 1.03125 07-11-2022 104 PERFECT BUILDWELL PVT. LTD.
LC-2985A 101 OF 2017 AHP 5 29-11-2022 108 AGRANTE REALTY LTD.
LC-3298A 106 OF 2017 AHP 9.96875 21-12-2022 68 SAI AAINA FARMS PVT. LTD.

Affordable Housing Gurgaon Flats Review

  1. Very best option for people who are working in metro cities  for investment purpose.
  2. Tax Saving under section 80c.
  3. Own Your house at the price of  your rental.
  4.  Start your rental income with the minimal amount.
  5. This type of housing scheme is backed by many government and political leaders as well.
  6. It gives higher return on investment  comparative to other products like mutual funds, LIC and many more schemes

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Reasons for Affordable Housing Popularity

Like any other idea, this particular aim also has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in spite of those, the fact that the people have accepted this ‘affordable housing project’ well is true.

The reasons for this popularity of this policy are many. The prime one is that the Government is backing it. The Haryana Government upon realizing the increasing demands for space and sustainable living took this step. And since, the government undertook this project, the acceptability of it in the eyes of the mass increased.

The psyche of the developers also suffered a change and they are interested to become a part of an activity that improves their goodwill. The developers have seen many crisis situations but this governmental project has proven to remedy some issues.

Another reason is that the borrowers who are interested to own some property are getting loans from the banks at attractive rates which serve their purpose. The Housing Finance Companies or HFCs are targeting lower-middle-class and middle-class people who are the prime movers in this prospect.Since, the demand of the people, the solution of the government, the customized support of the developers and HFC all fitted perfectly, so the plan got the kick-start it needed and fared well too.

The advantage of the project is that it is able to maintain the balance between the demand and supply. With the ever rising population, the demands for housing will increase as well and these complexes are tackling those needs efficiently.
The con that might disturb the people is that the location. Most of the complexes are in the outskirts of Gurgaon, away from the active zone and traveling can be an issue. But, Gurgaon is developing at a fast speed and has all the required qualities.

And, the proposed metro and the present expressways make the connection seamless. Since numerous prominent construction companies have taken part in this scheme, so you will be spoilt with choices. As there are many options, you can search and settle for the one that you like. The complexes will organize draws to choose the actual owners from the list of prospective candidates.

Conclusion of Affordable Housing Gurgaon Scheme

There is no harm intending a dream of owning a luxurious house with a middle-class income. The mission of HUDA is to make this very thing possible. The vision is to satiate the demands of the people with facilitated flats. The affordable housing projects are indeed the best bet to such issues. The housing houses multiple families and provides them with shelter and other basic requirements.

The open areas of housing complexes promote a healthy and hearty environment. The nearness to nature will offer you respite and keep you safe from pollution. The nearby housing complexes also ensure that you have a friendly neighborhood. The swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds etc. offers the residents an inclination towards a fit life. The continuous supply of water and power also make the people happy and satisfied.

Many reputed schools are there near these complexes and so you won’t have to take much trouble. The shopping malls and markets are also near to take care of your daily needs. All these housings abide by more or less same policies. You won’t have to count any maintenance fee for the first five years.

You will be not burdened with any hidden or extra charges as well.Thus, all these spacious and cost-effective projects are waiting to welcome you. These housing complexes will prove to be a stealing deal. Just, manage with all the things that might prove a bit tricky. Enjoy your lavish house amidst the serene beauty of nature with a promising future!

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