Maxworth Aashray Sector 89 Gurgaon

Maximum ‘Aashray’ at Minimum Price

Everyone nurtures the dream of having a house of their own. The Haryana government took over the responsibility to nurture this same dream for its citizens. The government teamed up with leading real estate names to construct housing complexes with all the benefits. And the people will enjoy all these facilities at an affordable rate and not by paying an unreal amount.  Gurgaon is one beautiful location that is extending its boundaries to embrace new developments. Haryana Government chose it and its surroundings to fulfill the plan. Numerous brands have started their jobs and many complexes are running successfully. And, among all the projects at work, Maxworth Aashray Sector 89 Gurgaon is a promising one with its features and facilities.

Why such a plan?

A roof above the head is always a necessity. At present, with the growing population, space is decreasing. Hence, the government came up with a plan that accommodates many families but not burdening them with excess prices. The housing complexes utilize space in the best possible way and bring to the people all the facilities that they want to pass a pleasant life.

The benefit of the plan is that it gifts the people a lavish and luxurious lifestyle but not at the cost of their peace. Rather it brings them closer to nature and lets them have a soothing and serene time with their near and dear ones forgetting all the worries and troubles of the outer world. This is a plan that respects your dream and values your money, providing you with the best alternative.

How soothing is Aashray’s shelter?

Aashray which is in Sector 89, a thriving area in Gurgaon is a complex under construction under the banner of Maxworth. This is a famous name of the industry which knows its work very well and completely devotes itself in the work. The company does all the work diligently starting from scratch until the building becomes usable. It aims at creating sustainable and innovative works that suit all needs of the people. Like its other constructs, Aashray is also going to be one cozy home with 766 units and 12 towers. The project covers an area of 5.52 acres and contains 3, 2, and 1 BHK spacious flats. With sufficient greenery around, this shelter will be a delight for its residents when it will be finished in 2020.

Key features

Since Maxworth Aashray Sector 89 Gurgaon falls under the affordable Project Gurgaon  of Haryana Government, so it also has the resident-friendly features:

  • Fixed rent as per government rules.
  • First five years, no maintenance cost.
  • Free parking facility for two-wheelers.
  • Availability of deferred payments.
  • Well-ventilated, lighted and spacious rooms.
  • Lawn, gym, swimming pool, and other recreational facilities.
  • Well-knit transport systems with nearness to schools, hospitals, markets, banks etc.

This complex is under construction and the location is developing with each passing day. So, by the time the work is done, the locality will become quite active and attractive.
So, to spend a peaceful life purchase this!