How to Generate property Buyers Leads

Generating property buyers leads is the most important task for every real estate organization, property dealers and real estate builders. with time property leads generation style has been changed with the technological upgrade of society. here are top real estates leads generation ideas for property buyers leads.

Real estates Portals

Real estate portals are your easiest way to generate interesting property exchange for money they will provide your phone number and interested projects by property seekers.they have a very huge real estate database and technical support for leads generation.99acres, Magicbricks,commonfloors, are some real estate property portals in India. right now property portal will charge you 250 INR to 1000 INR for a single property leads.


Creating a real estate website for leads is an easy and cost-effective way in the longer run. website creation will add brand value to your business. property website and creation and hosting will cost you almost 10k INR in India. After that you have to add the latest news and projects in it, soon you will see that you are getting leads from your website, it will take 2 to 3 month for settle in seo.


Billboards are the most efficient way to market your project and leads. when a buyer saw your advertisement if he found that your offer is attractive then he will call you immediately. before placing orders for billboards you should survey the area where you want to show and also take proper permission from the local India, billboard or banner creation task will charge you INR 7 rupees to 10 rupees per square inch.


Generating leads from society is quite a different task, in India generally each society has almost 12 to 1800 families. you have to connect with them to make relations with India peoples usually prefer to work with there connection.In most cases people will pass their house buying requirements to the real estates broker they know.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are one of the best media to generate quality leads. For these advertisements, you require a website, Paid ads specialist and a credit card with money.The best benefits of these leads are that they are unique and only prefer you.some times paid advertisement goes high due to some mistakes so be sure when and what ads you want to run.

Google my Business

Google my business is one of the best and free platforms for leads generation. with google my business you get a native listing and a google hosted website with extension.when a user search on google with relevant query your business listing appears with contact number and the user will google my business you have to post regularly for best business results.

Cold calling

Cold calling is a process used by almost every real estate agent and real estate organization.In which agents call on phone numbers depending on its source and segmentation, usually, this process is loopback again a customer.

Events partners

Partnership in an event in your target society or target city is always beneficial for real estate broker because it will increase your visibility in that area and with that increase in visibility you have a fair chance to get some leads to hike in the upcoming month.


Setting up canopy is an old traditional art of leads generation in India. But it is quite effective in quality leads is art for showing the right ads at the right time to the right customers. planning to launch a canopy campaign you should work on your audience and local permission first.

New Project launch

new projects or booking open projects in town are always low hanging fruits for real estate brokers and agents.benefits of targetting those are generating quality leads in very short time periods and the best part is that they usually have the same budget and requirements. now the work only left is to convince the customer for buying property.


References leads are very important for every real estate business. they come with your goodwill excellent work and healthy relations.most of the time they are return customers with perks.

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