Why Sector 37 Pataudi Road Builders New Paradise

24 Housing Projects on Pataudi Road

Building Sector 37D gurgaon

Gurgaon “The Millennium City ” is one of the most happening cities in India.it is continue expanding at a very fast pace at this speed it is going to encroach “Sohna” already renamed “South of Gurgaon” within 5 to 10 Years.

High rise Building in Sector 37 Gurgaon
High rise Building in Sector 37 Gurgaon

At Present Gurugram has an estimated approx population of 1.3 cr most of them are of sidewise areas in search of jobs and occupations and education, with this every person is looking for a shelter and conveyance.

The government of Haryana works proactively regarding this situation in Haryana and launch affordable housing policy in tire 1, 2, 3 cities. in this policy government decides to shake hands with private builders within government norms and provide benefit to home buyers. with this everyone is looking for gap fulfillment in high end and normal property price as a result builders start facing its cons and there profits reduced drastically.

So with these current scenario builders’ who always seek for higher returns’  started work smartly and they started to build projects more economical areas and outer part of Gurgaon as a result people starts to surrender their units within guidelines of affordable housing policy.

For investments, I would like to share some quotes from famous personalities.

Don’t Save what is left after spending

But Spend what is Left after Savings

~warren buffett

and One Other Quote

Your Investment Should be Market Gap Filler, Invest Wisely

So Gurugrams real estates developers started to work wisely and start building projects in happening yet affordable areas likes sector 37 Gurgaon. Sector 37 Gurgaon is the new upcoming B-town extension of Gurgaon. As new and old companies are shifting to new Gurgaon area the Pataudi road starts gaining importance and builder start residential projects in joint ventures. The government also add a beneficial point to Pataudi road with towards its keen approach of fully functional Dwarka Expressway.

Sector 37D and 37c is the new hot location for builders which is encircled by Dwarka Expressway, Hero Honda Chowk and old Gurgaon.

Benefits for builders

  1. Easy approach
  2. Well connected to Old Gurgaon.
  3. 5 Minutes distance from Dwarka Expressway.
  4. Less costly land acquisition.
  5. Easy reach to building material suppliers.
  6. Next Upcoming hub of entire Gurgaon

Benefits For Buyers

  1. More Cleaner air despite old Gurgaon, Sohna Road, Golf course Road,
  2. Less Traffic
  3. Pocket-Friendly Price

Don’t Forget Gurgaon is very large, but when we see with the perspective of real estates & residential development it can be divided into 10 major parts.

  1. Udyog Vihar
  2. MG Road
  3. Golf Course Road
  4. Golf Course Extension Road
  5. Sohna Road
  6. South of Gurgaon
  7. New Gurgaon
  8. Dwarka Expressway
  9. Pataudi Road
  10. OLd Gurgaon

For Home Buyers there are a variety of options available in the property market and buyers should have check builders background and details before investing andif you are going with a real estates agent or broker you should also verify them.10 check before going with real estates brokers.

Residential Projects in Sector 37 Gurgaon

  1. Signature Global the MillenniaSector-37D Gurgaon
  2. Ramprastha The Edge Towers
  3. Ramprastha The AtriumSector-37D Gurgaon
  4. Imperia 37th AvenueSector-37C Gurgaon
  5. BPTP Park GenerationsSector-37D Gurgaon
  6. BPTP Park SereneSector-37D Gurgaon
  7. BPTP SpacioSector-37D Gurgaon
  8. Piedmont Taksila heightsSector-37C Gurgaon
  9. RMG ResidencySector-37C Gurgaon
  10. ILD GrandSector-37C Gurgaon
  11. ILD EngraciaSector-37D Gurgaon
  12. BPTP TerraSector-37D Gurgaon
  13. Imperia ElvedorSector-37C Gurgaon
  14. Apex Our HomesSector-37C Gurgaon
  15. NBCC Green View ApartmentsSector-37D Gurgaon
  16. Ramprastha PrimeraSector-37 Gurgaon
  17. Ramprastha PlotsSector-37D Gurgaon
  18. Ramprastha RiseSector-37D Gurgaon
  19. BPTP Fortune TowersPataudi Road, Gurgaon
  20. Ram Green Wood AcresSector-37 Gurgaon
  21. Ramprastha The ArkSector-37D Gurgaon
  22. NSG Welfare Housing SocietySector-37 Gurgaon

Top builder in Sector 37, Pataudi Road Gurgaon

  1. Imperia Structures Ltd
  2. Ramprastha Builders
  3. BPTP Builders
  1. AMB Selfie Square
  2. Signature Global Signum 37D
  3. BPTP Park Street

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