Why to invest in indian real estates sector.

Indian real estates Play a significant role in country’s economy.The real estate sector is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and contributes heavily towards the gross domestic product (GDP).Almost 5% of country GDP is contributed by the housing sector in next 5 years it will be 6% to 7%.

Almost 80% of real estates developed in India is residential space the rest comprised of offices shopping malls hotels and hospitals.

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Indian Real estates industry has been expanding at exponential rate favorable demographic conditions improvement in basic infrastructure rising purchasing power availability of cheap finance nuclear family.Professionalism in real estates and reforms initiated by the government are some major driver of this spectacular growth. according to industry estimates the real estates industry in India has been growing 33% CAGR compound annual growth rate so could be 50 billion industry in next four years. Upturns straddles all the major sectors in the industry such as commercial residential hospitality and health care.

flying high on the wings of booming real estates property in india has become a dream of every potentail investor looking forward to dig profits. All are Eyeing in Indian property market for variety of reasons.

Its Ever growing economy which is on the continuous rise of 8.1% witnessed in last financial years.the boom in economy increase in purchase power of its people creates demands for real estates sector.
India is going to produce an estimate of 2 million new graduates from various university for this year creating a new
demand of 100 million square feet of office and industrial space.
presence a large number of fortune 500 companies and other reputed companies wil attract more companies to open their offices and industrial hub and operational bases thus they are creating more demand of office space in India.
Real estates investment in india is a huge dividends 70% of foreigner investors in india are making profits and other
12% are on break even.
Apart from IT ITES and Business process out sourcing (BPO) has shown its expertise in sector like auto component chemical pharmaceutical where it can best match in the world.

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